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How to Delay My Period With Lemon juice
Writer 24 May 2022
Can you delay your period With Lemon juice ? Lemon : creates an acidic environment that can halt the menstrual flow. A week before the ...
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7 Medical tests that all women should have
Why is it important for females to get regular medical check ups ? Good habits — like not smoking, not drinking excessi...
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5 foods rich in collagen or that stimulate its production
Writer 16 May 2022
A key ingredient in cosmetic products, collagen is a protein that preserves our skin and joints. As we age, we produce...
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How to delay your period naturally?
Writer 29 January 2022
How To Delay Periods Naturally At Home?  Menstruation is not always an easy time for women. These are often in pain and feel a lot of disc...
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8 reasons Why Is My Period Late, other than pregnancy
Writer 28 January 2022
Why Is My Period Late Not Pregnant ? Menstruation that is delayed is the worst thing! Not being able to predict when it's going to happe...
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