How to delay your period naturally?

How to delay your period naturally?

How To Delay Periods Naturally At Home? Menstruation is not always an easy time for women. These are often in pain and feel a lot of discomforts. Some everyday tasks, therefore, become more difficult to perform. However, there are natural solutions to stop periods or postpone them. In this guide, we provide you with natural tips to help you decide whether or not to start your period and a solution to help you get through this period with peace of mind.

How To Stop Periods Naturally?

How To Postpone Periods Naturally

Avoid spices to delay your period naturally.

Avoid spices to delay your period naturally.

Many testimonies collected from women show that spicy food can trigger menstruation. Also, you are sure to get your period quickly when you consume plenty of it. Conversely, by refraining from taking spices, you can postpone your period. So, a natural solution for you is not to take it until the expected period passes. The spices to avoid are generally: garlic, pepper and ginger, turmeric, cinnamon and cloves. Some of them are generally included in the composition of our daily dishes. So you will have to take care of this if the plate is not prepared by yourself.
You can start the spice-free diet at least a month or two weeks before your expected period. 
However, not taking spices for a very long time could promote the development of certain health problems. Indeed, these seasonings also help the body. Pepper, for example, helps reduce blood pressure. Spices also contain substances that significantly reduce the risk of getting cancer.
As a guide, the spice-free diet should be applied just long enough to delay your period no longer.

Vinegar to delay your period naturally

Vinegar to delay your period naturally
Vinegar, especially apple cider, is recognized as being qualified to regulate blood flow during menstruation. Indeed, this food product is used to treat gynaecological ailments and to reduce heavy bleeding. Although there is no medical evidence that it can stop menstruation, many women have testified in its favour. According to different opinions, vinegar reduces the flow of menstrual blood. To regulate heavy flow, you can try apple cider vinegar. It is very effective in reducing the amount of blood evacuated during menstruation. It is running the cycle drink three times a day with two teaspoons of apple cider. 
This solution is also effective for delaying or shifting periods to a later period. In this case, you will need to start treatment two weeks before your period. You can adopt the same dosage as when it comes to regulating heavy flow. 
Consumption of this substance is also beneficial for the digestive system when you consume it in the mornings. Nevertheless, too much consumption can lead to ulcers in the oesophagus. It is also harmful in the long run to tooth enamel.

Postpone your period by consuming lentils

Postpone your period by consuming lentils

Many women claim that consuming lentils a few days before menstruation can delay them. Lentils are indeed a plant whose edible seeds are very rich. The antioxidants in the seeds are an excellent remedy for rising blood triglyceride levels. This decrease results in fact from the reduction in the level of estrogen produced. As a result of this decrease, the menstrual cycle experiences an imbalance and leads to delayed menstruation.
This treatment is to start preferably one week before the rules. Every day you need to eat lentil soup, and the intake should be carried out in the mornings without having eaten or drunk anything. To prepare the soup, use lentil powder. You can fry some lentils in oil to get the powder and then crush them properly until you get the powder. Like other dietary fibres, high consumption of lentils can lead to gastric problems. You may also experience bloating from excessive gas in the intestines. Therefore, it is advisable to stop the therapy with the lenses after shifting your period as desired.

Postpone Periods Naturally by lemon juice

Postpone Periods Naturally by lemon juice
Lemon juice with its acidity comparable to cider vinegar could also delay period. Indeed, even if no research can support this thesis, many scientists recommend lemon to shift the rules. 
By regularly taking lemon a few days before your period, you can influence the arrival of your period. For this, the squeezed juice must be diluted in water to reduce the acidity of this fruit. In a glass of water or in a glass of tea without sugar, you can dilute the juice. The intake can be carried out two to three times a day.
In addition, thanks to the calcium it contains, lemon juice can also block minor bleeding. However, this would require a local application, not recommended for your vagina. However, some women believe the lemon cure during menstruation can also reduce heavy flow. 
However, like vinegar, the acidity of lemon can irritate your teeth and damage the enamel. It is also harmful to the oesophagus, stomach and digestive tract in general when consumed too much. Similarly, lemon can also significantly reduce fat and lead to significant weight loss. Even if weight loss is also sometimes beneficial to shift the cycle, you need a moderate intake of lemon.

How To Delay your Peroid Naturally by gelatin

Gelatin would also be an effective ally in postponing menstruation. Having actually no scientific explanation to date, women testify to having delayed their periods by taking this product. 
Indeed, by taking a little gelatin, you can manage to postpone your period to 4 hours later. To push them back much further in time, you will need to increase the dose and repeat your treatment. For dosage, this substance should be dissolved in warm water and drunk after homogenization of the mixture.
Gelatin is an animal protein that has many benefits for the body. Indeed, it would be beneficial for bones and joints. It is also a liver stimulant for the complete detoxification of the organism. Taking this substance to postpone your period would therefore also be good for your body.
However, the intake of gelatin should be moderate because in high doses in the body, it has undesirable effects. Indeed, it could cause the presence of gas in your intestines. As a result, you will be taken by bloating and gastric disorders. For your treatment, moderate consumption is therefore recommended.

How To Make Your Period Come Later Naturally by playing sports

Sport is an activity that influences the menstrual cycle. Indeed, moderate physical activities manage to reduce the abundant flow in the long run considerably. 
However, by intensifying the sport , the amount of estrogen produced by the body decreases. Indeed, the excessive practice of a sport is also possible to develop significant stress. The latter is naturally associated with the production of hormones. This decrease in estrogen levels leads to an obvious delay in menstruation. As proof, sports professionals who have high-performance training manage to postpone the rules to a date after the competitions.
Furthermore, the menstrual cycle would also need energy resources to run normally. Suddenly, by exhausting the energy available in the body through sport, you then deprive your menses of the necessary resource. As a result, the arrival of menstruation will be postponed to a later date.
Physical activity is also a regulator of body mass. Too much sport will therefore end up lowering your weight. Such an imbalance could affect the balance of your body. This imbalance could, in turn, disrupt the arrival of menses and postpone them.

Speed ​​up your menstrual flow to delay periods

In reality, this method consists not in pushing back the rules but rather in making them pass as quickly as possible. Thus, in record time, you can pass your period to enjoy your holidays or go about an activity. To accelerate your cycle and quickly evacuate the blood of the menses, it will be necessary to make the flows abundant. To do this, warm your belly with a towel soaked in boiling water or a hot water bottle. Then, perform small massages on the stomach up to the level of the pelvis.
You can also make love during your period or the day before for those who don't mind. Indeed, sex accelerates the flow of blood thanks to the contractions of the uterus caused by orgasm. Take precautions to avoid soiling your sheets, for example. You can also have sex in the shower.  
If your period usually takes five days, for example, with this trick, you can reduce it to 3 days for a gain of two days off. 
This natural solution is not recommended to always be used because it can accustom your organism in the long run. You will end up, if possible, making your flows abundant and, in this case fighting another evil.

Phytotherapy to stop menstruation

Phytotherapy to stop menstruation

Certain herbal medicines can be used to stop the flow of blood. This solution can quickly stop your period to help you enjoy your holidays or concentrate on an activity. In this regard, tea with raspberry leaves is indicated to quickly stop blood flow. Indeed, at low doses, it reduces heavy flow during menstruation. However, you can quickly stop your period when you take this drink in large quantities. In boiling water, infuse the leaves. Then drink the tea at room temperature.
Liquorice root is also an effective remedy to stop menses. Indeed, in the body, it restores the hormonal balance by regulating the level of estrogen. It thus helps to reduce the abundant flow of menses. Therefore, the simple solution to stop them immediately would be to consume more of the drink. So boil the roots in a cup of water and add a little honey. Consume three cups a day a few days before your period. 
Finally, the shepherd's purse is also recognized for its ability to stop bleeding, in this case, heavy flow. You can make an infusion, a decoction, a maceration or a marmalade. When you regularly consume this plant a few days before your period, you can stop it. However, the shepherd's purse is contraindicated for pregnant women.

Menstrual panties to better live

It is not a question here of stopping your periods, but rather of being able to go about your business despite them being there. The objective remains practically the same.
Indeed, menstrual panties are none other than shorts or boxers, which also protect you in the event of bleeding. They are much more effective than other protections regarding duration, the possibility of risk, and savings.
Protective underwear can hold back your bleeding for a good dozen hours, allowing you to perform your tasks without having to worry about your period. They are very comfortable protectors.
So, instead of resorting to substances that could become harmful in the long term, you could opt ​​for one of these effective protections. A practical solution to work during menstruation without being disturbed.