Does ginger increase testosterone levels?

Does ginger increase testosterone levels?

Ginger effect on testosterone. One of the great “popular sayings” or tips that never go away in the gym world is that if you want to increase testosterone levels, consume ginger.
In this article, we will see if ginger effectively increases testosterone levels, as has been said for so long.

Ginger and testosterone

Ginger and testosterone

is a spice that has traditionally been used both in traditional Chinese medicine and in Ayurveda. Different studies have observed that doses of between 1 and 3g are effective against nausea and can facilitate digestion. In addition, ginger also has many other benefits.
Ginger has long been recommended to increase testosterone levels, although the studies available today do not support the idea that it is effective.

Ginger to increase testosterone

For example, a long time ago, much importance was given to this study, in which it was seen that ginger supplementation increased testosterone levels, among other benefits. The main problem and limitation of the study are that it is carried out in mice, so the results cannot be extrapolated to humans.

In this other study, it was observed that ginger increased testosterone levels by up to 17.7% in men. The problem is that it was a particular population group. In this case, we are talking about infertile men, so it would be necessary to see if the same results would be achieved in healthy men.

Therefore, based on the above, in my opinion, no studies are available to date that support the idea that ginger increases testosterone levels in healthy men. Even so, it is essential to emphasize that ginger has different health benefits:

  • – It is effective against nausea
  • – It can reduce muscle pain and facilitate recovery
  • – It is anti-inflammatory
  • – It reduces blood sugar levels
  • – It improves digestion
  • – In different studies, it has been observed that it has anti-cancer properties
  • – It improves the immune system

Ginger good for testosterone

As we can see, the consumption of ginger can have many health benefits, like other spices we will talk about in another article, so I am not advising against its consumption. You simply have to consider that the most likely is that we do not experience a notable increase in testosterone levels, so if you do not like it, you do not have to consume ginger on an empty stomach.