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How Do I Lose Weight Really Quick

Here is the answer to the question how to lose weight fast? Human body with all its strength and weakness is the gift of god. It is the solemn duty of every human being to keep his body in a perfect health and try to improve it by proper care and protection. Recent years have witnessed a renewed awareness among different sects of human beings in knowing how to lose weight fast by taking regular exercise and eating proper and timely food. Fitness centers have sprung up in every nook and corner and hundreds of drugs claiming to reduce weight by magical figures within a few days are flooding the market.

How To Lose Easy Weight Fast

Now let us take a closer look at basic problem how to lose weight fast and take a deep study about the medicines that will help you find a solution to your ever daunting problem of overweight.
Scientific studies have proved that you have to burn approximately 3500 calories of energy for reduction of every pound of weight in your body. As a first step to find out answer to the question how to lose weight fast you have to find out the basal metabolic rate of calories needed by you to perform the basic human functions such as breathing and digestion.
There is no perfect mechanism to calculate the basal metabolic rate number. You will have to rely on average value calculated by scientists.

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Next step in the process to find out how to lose weight fast is to find out the amount of calories needed to perform the daily activities in your life. This can be accomplished by keeping an activity journal and use a calorie calculator. Another method is to wear a heart rate monitor which will calculate the calories burned. The total calorie value for a week had to be found out and from that the daily requirement of energy for carrying out your everyday life can be calculated.

After finding out the above details as stated above, the next step is to find out how to lose weight fast is to calculate the average quantity of calorie consumed by you per day. This can be found out by using a food journal and marking in it the details of each and every food item you are consuming. Average of all such values for a week can be found out and this gives the calorie intake level.

After knowing all these details the next step to know how to lose weight fast is to find out the sum of the basal metabolic level and the activity calorie level. This will be the average calorie value needed per day. Now you have to subtract the average calorie value needed per day from the average calorie intake per day. The result of this subtraction gives the measure of extra energy you are consuming per day.

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To illustrate the above calculation I will take an example from real life and explain the matter. Suppose Deliver’s basal metabolic rate is 1300 calories and he requires 1000 calories to carry out his normal daily activities. So the total amount of calories needed by him per day is 1300 + 1000 = 2300. But if the intake of calories per day is 2550, then he is taking an excess of 250 calories per day.

If he continues his eating habits like this his body weight will be increased by a pound within two to three weeks.

From the above it can be clearly seen that if the value of excess calorie intake is higher, it will be tougher to find out an answer to the important question how to lose weight fast. You will have to eliminate the extra calorie of energy you are taking now to prevent the further increasing of fat in your body. Only then you can think about how to loss the weight fast.

If Deliver reduces the intake of calorie value to level lesser 2550 calories per day, then only his weight will start reducing.

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How Do You Lose Weight Easily

Experience had shown that controlling diet and taking regular and strenuous exercise schedules alone are not the right answer to the question how to lose weight fast? It is found that diet control techniques and exercise schedules are intended mainly for body building and it takes a longer period of time to get yourself trimmed from your extra weight. As it takes a longer time it is possible that you may get discouraged in finding no immediate results and you may even discontinue also.