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Top 50 Ways To Lose Weight Fast

Top 50 Ways To Lose Weight Fast

Losing weight fast has become the target of every health conscious person these days particularly due to improved education and health awareness. They let no stone unturned in their efforts to loss weight fast including taking fewer calories and burning more calories. As losing weight is not rocket science, if we take some simple steps with a certain degree of discipline then the desired mile stone can be achieved. Let us discuss 50 ways to lose weight fast-

Easy ways to lose weight fast

1. Don't stop taking high calorie food all together. You need to taste it at least once in a week. This will enable you to keep away your feeling of deprivation of high calorie foods. Consume high calorie foods as jewels in the crown say- take a spoonful of ice cream with a bowl of fruit.

2. Juice should be the part of your breakfast but during the rest of the day, pay attention to water only and not soda or juice. Research studies indicate that excess intake of calories through juices or sugary drinks don't lead to a feeling of fullness.

3. Maintaining a food diary is a good idea. Research studies show that those who maintain food diaries eat fifteen percent less food in comparison those who don't maintain.

4. People with sedentary habits make movements for 2,000 to 3,000 steps every day. To maintain your current weight level you need to add 2,000 more steps to your daily movement routine that will facilitate you lose weight.

5. Change your system of taking meals. Instead of 3 large meals 5 to 6 small or light meals a day will enable your body to release a lower amount insulin thus keeping your blood sugar level steady and also controlling your hunger.

6. Research studies show 45 minutes of walk a day is more effective than 30 minutes and the said additional 15 minutes helps in burning extra 300 calories a day.

7. A University of Vermont study indicates on-line weight maintenance program are more effective than face-to-face interaction through a support group.

8. Remember that color blue acts as an appetite suppressant. Therefore use blue plates, wear blue dress while eating, and use a blue tablecloth for your dinning table and don't use yellow, red and orange because they stimulate food intake.

How Do I Lose Weight Really Quick

9. After getting new figure always buy new wardrobe that fits you well because it serve as a powerful incentive to maintain your this new figure.

10. A study reveals that use of small size dinner plates motivates you to eat less.

11. Take your meal in a restaurant style that is when the plate is empty, there's no quick reaching of food in seconds.

12. Studies show that eating before a mirror reduces the intake of food by one-third.

13. Studies conducted by Pennsylvania State University show that eating food that are water-rich such tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers during meals diminishes the calorie consumption.

14. Use more vegetables in your meals. Take veggies like carrots, broccoli, and tomatoes in the form of salads.

15. Consume one less can of soda, a cookie, a glass of orange juice, a less bites of your favorite hamburger each day because this will save you at least 100 calories a day.

16. Don't take white foods such as white flour and sugar because these simple carbohydrates can play mayhem on your blood sugar leading to weight gain.

17. Turn to ordinary coffee and not fancy coffee that contains hundreds of calories. Also use fat-free powdery milk in your coffee.

How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy?

18. Consume cereal for your breakfast five days a week because this will enable you to have more calcium, fiber and calcium, and less fat.

19. Check your portion sizes and take off 1/3 rd of the food from your plate.

20. Ninety per cent of time you must eat your meals at home than outside that will check your intake of high fat and high calorie foods.

21. Don't take ready-made packed food that has got sugar, fructose, or corn syrup instead of prefer a lower-sugar version of such food.

22. Always eat slowly with a pause as this will facilitate your brain to send signal when to stop taking food.

23. Never eat out of nervousness, boredom, habit, or frustration and check your craving. Take food only when you are hungry.

24. Resort to self-fulfilling prophecy and think positively that you can lose weight.

25. Eat your favorite food with restriction and control.

26. Prefer hot sauce, Cajun, and salsa to butter and sugary or creamy sauces for seasonings.

27. Prefer eating fruit as a substitute to consuming fruit juice.

28. Move up and down of the stairs for 10 minutes.

29. Consume equal portions of grains and vegetables at dinner to gratify your hunger.

How Do You Lose Weight Fast And Easy As A Teenager

30. Never stick to your office chair constantly. Get up and go for brisk walk for five-minute in every two hours.

31. Do some washing/ cleaning job such as a floor, windows, bathroom or your car once a week for 30 minutes to burn around 120 calories.

32. Go for social outing such as tennis match, guided city walk etc.

33. When you are at restaurant, order for the smallest portion size.

34. Consume skim milk instead of regular milk containing cream and fat.

35. Study shows that twenty minutes of walk before dinner reduces urge for food and helps in taking light meal.

36. Substitute your craving for sugary snack by a few almonds.

37. Take pre-portioned frozen dinner that is meant for one serving and not in excess.

38. Study shows that people tend to eat more when eat in a group because they spend much time on the table.

39. Study shows that students watching TV for a longer period of time led to their frequent craving for food. Hence, prefer walking to viewing TV.

40. As you can better burn off your calories early part of the day, take more calories during the day than in the night.

41. Study reveals that by stopping late-night eating you can reduce consumption of 300 or more calories a day.

42. Research studies reveals that by sniffing a banana or apple tricks the brain that you're really eating it and this makes you less hungry.

Top 10 tips for fast weight loss

43. You need to order wine not by the bottle but by the glass and this will facilitate consumption of less calories.

44. Watch your weekend consumption of food that often results in extra calorie intake.

45. Research study shows that consumption of calcium in the form of low-fat dairy foods prompts hormonal responses that prevents the generation of fat cells and helps in breaking down of fat. Hence, store and consume low-fat yogurt.

46. Take individual courses one after another instead of piling up all of them in one plate. Initial courses such as soup or vegetables or salads will lead to eating less of the subsequent high calorie courses.

47. Research studies conducted by Kinsey Institute on Sex reveals that passionate kisses burn 6.4 calories per minute.

48. Hot peppers help reducing appetite and therefore add the same to your pasta sauce.

49. Get rid of high calories such as dressings, drinks, spreads, condiments, sauces and snacks.

50. While attending a social gathering wear your most complementing outfit. This will not only enable you to get loads of compliments but also motivate you to watch what you eat.

How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy

Aforesaid 50 ways to lose weight fast will certainly help you to attain the desired result effectively if followed scrupulously with a positive bent of mind.