What are the benefits of figs?

What are the benefits of figs?

What are the benefits of eating fresh figs? Figs are a healthy autumn fruit for the human body, both dried and fresh, so their consumption is highly recommended. It stands out for its nutritional properties and benefits and healing properties for various conditions. So that you too can make the most of the fruit of the fig tree, In this article we explain the benefits of figs.

What are the health benefits of eating figs?

1- Figs stand out for their great contribution to fiber. They are very effective in regulating intestinal transit and are used as a mild laxative to combat constipation. Likewise, it is also favorable to counteract other types of gastrointestinal disorders and the rest of the foods rich in fiber.

2- In the same way, figs have a high percentage of water in their composition -between 70 and 80%-, so they will be indicated to keep us hydrated, and their energy contribution is very significant. Therefore, they can be very suitable for people who do physical work or with nutritional problems.

3- Although popular belief says otherwise, the fat content of figs is not excessive (65 kcal per 100 g). In the same way, its protein content is not. However, it provides considerable water, vitamins, and minerals to incorporate into any balanced diet. However, people with diabetes or obesity problems should consume it in moderation because of its sugar content.

4- It is also important to highlight the anti-rheumatic properties of the fig, which are beneficial for people with this type of ailment, as well as those who practice sports and especially wear out their joints.

5- The favorable properties of figs for the respiratory system are also known due to their expectorant power, so we can use them to combat conditions such as colds, bronchitis, and excessive mucus.

6- Figs also stand out for providing natural antioxidants that help prevent cell aging and combat free radicals, which cause multiple serious diseases such as cancer or various degenerative pathologies.

When is fig season

What are the health benefits of eating figs?

The fig is a delicious fruit that we can both take in its natural form and cook and enjoy recipes such as fig jam or figs in syrup. However, there is a specific time of year when figs appear, and it is a concise time when we can enjoy this fruit naturally. If you like this fruit, we'll tell you when figs are in season.
  • Figs are a fruit with a high concentration of sugar, something beneficial for our health since they provide us with a great energy source. They are also composed of nutrients such as fiber and minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron, and phosphorus.
  • If you want to make the most of the properties and benefits of figs, the ideal is to consume ripe fruits and, if possible, natural ones. For this, it is essential to know when it is fig season since, in this way, you ensure that you are taking natural figs during those months.
  • The fig is a fruit of the Mediterranean and warm areas. Therefore, the fig season expands in the year's hottest months: from July to the end of September. This time, the fruits grow more mature, tender, and tasty.
  • Although the fig season is very specific, we can enjoy this fruit throughout the year since canned figs can be consumed or prepared as jams or fruit in syrup.