Dried Figs benefits for children

Fig dried benefits for children
Dried Figs benefits for children. Dried figs may top the list of dried fruits due to their many benefits, but what about the benefits of dried figs for children? When is it considered safe? How is it presented?
Here are the most prominent benefits of dried figs for children, or what is known as cotton:

Benefits of Dried Figs for kids

Dried figs are a rich source of many essential nutrients and fiber, which bring many benefits to the child's health. We mention the most prominent benefits of dried figs for children as follows:

Promotes the work of the digestive system

Since a child's digestive system is in the process of growth and development during their early years, dried figs may provide the following benefits:
  • It helps to overcome the digestive problems that the child may suffer from.
  • It helps in the better absorption of nutrients.
One of the benefits of dried figs for children is that it is a natural laxative because it contains a large amount of fiber, and dried figs contain a higher percentage of fiber per serving than fresh figs, which helps solve the problem constipation problems in children.

Dried Figs contains many vitamins and minerals.

Although dried figs may lose some water-soluble vitamins during the drying process, the concentrations of minerals and fat-soluble vitamins increase per serving.
Here are some of these minerals and their benefits for children:
  1. Copper: Aids red blood cell formation, iron absorption, and other benefits.
  2. Iron: Helps transport oxygen to the body's cells, thus improving the child's ability to learn.
  3. Magnesium and Calcium: They are essential minerals for strong bones.
  4. Potassium: It is an essential source of energy; it contributes to improving the functioning of the muscles and nervous system of the child.

Possesses antimicrobial properties

One of the benefits of dried figs for children is that it has antimicrobial properties, which may improve the child's immune system.

Protects the liver from diseases

Since children are more susceptible to jaundice and hepatitis, dried figs provide the necessary protection for the liver.

Dried Figs Contains antioxidants

Dried figs contain a large percentage of antioxidants and phenolic compounds that provide the following benefits:
  • Fig dried Protection from many diseases.
  • Maintaining the freshness of the baby's skin.

How to give dry figs to toddlers

How to give dry figs to toddlers

Dried fig recipes for kids

To get the benefits of dried figs for children, some recipes that can be prepared for a child using dried figs will be mentioned:

Dried figs with dates recipe

A recipe for dried figs with dates can be prepared for a child after completing his first year by following the following steps:
  • Boil two dried figs and one or two dates in a saucepan containing milk or water.
  • Filter the milk or water through a sieve, and then offer it to the child.

Dried fig puree

This dish is suitable for children who have not eaten solid foods before, and it can be prepared by following the following steps:
  • Soak two or three dried figs in lukewarm water.
  • Beat the ingredients in the blender until the fig puree is formed, and breast milk or breast milk can be added to the mixture to obtain the desired consistency.

Dried figs side effects for children

Despite the benefits of dried figs for children, it may cause some health problems for children. Here are some of these effects and ways to avoid them:

Allergic reaction

Sulfur dioxide is added to the figs before the drying process is done to preserve their natural color. This substance may cause allergic reactions in some children, such as:
  1. Asthma symptoms.
  2. Skin rash.
  3. Itch.
Therefore, it is recommended to get organic dried figs that are free of preservatives to avoid such interactions.
The issue of allergy to dried fruits must also be taken into account; Therefore, it is necessary to try the three-day rule and watch for signs of allergy before including another type of dried fruit or another type of food.

Gastrointestinal disorders

Dried figs may cause digestive disorders in the child; Therefore, it is preferable to soak dried figs in milk or water before giving it to the child to make it soft and easier to digest; in addition to that, it helps absorb the nutrients it contains.
It is also worth noting that dried figs are somewhat heavy on the stomach of children, so it is recommended to postpone it after the child is one year old to take advantage of the benefits of dried figs for children.