How to get bigger breasts without surgery?

How to make your breasts bigger? Here is a question that many women ask themselves. And for a good reason, many would like to gain breasts naturally, without having to resort to cosmetic surgery. Do you think it's impossible? And yet, perfectly natural solutions exist and can help you to increase your boobs.
The breasts represent one of the most significant complexes of women. Too small or, on the contrary, a little too big, rare are the breasts that bring complete satisfaction to those who wear them. Many women suffer from a complex related to their breasts, which they consider too small. They live it badly and would like to feel better about themselves. Sometimes, they would like to please their companion. Thus, they look for solutions to gain breasts naturally before considering a more severe operation.

How To Get Bigger Breast Naturally Fast At Home

How To Get Bigger Breast Naturally Fast At Home

Fenugreek and breasts

If it is always beneficial to learn to accept ourselves, a little help from mother nature is always welcome! And it seems that the latter has already planned everything, with a perfectly natural solution capable of increasing the volume of the breasts. This solution is materialized by fenugreek. Fenugreek is a leguminous plant whose seeds we consume in the form of a spice. We also use it for its medicinal properties. For hundreds of years, women have been consuming fenugreek to beautify their breasts and make them grow bigger in a natural way. Therefore, it is used for this purpose, even if the properties of fenugreek are even more numerous.

The effects of fenugreek on the chest

Fenugreek is a herb enriched with nutrients and phytoestrogens (a plant hormone). This allows it to stimulate the synthesis of sex hormones in women. More specifically, Progesterone and estrogen are the compounds that give fenugreek the power to increase breast size naturally. By stimulating female sex hormones, fenugreek promotes the development of breast volume and will make you gain breasts naturally. In addition, it also stimulates libido!

What is the relationship between fenugreek and breast?

Fenugreek seed is rich in nutrients and protein, which stimulates women's sex glands. Thus, this stimulation generates an increase in estrogen levels in the body, mainly in the chest. Among the nutrients that work are lecithin and vitamins C and A, which play an essential role in the development of breast tissue and sex glands.

Phytoestrogens and breast cancer

Moreover, according to a study conducted in 1997 and published the following year in L'Actualité médicale, phytoestrogens have the effect of preventing the appearance of breast cancer ( Case-control study phyto-oestrogens and breast cancer, Ingram D, Sanders K, Kolybaba M, Lopez D.). Indeed, the conclusions of the study have shown that women who consume phytoestrogens consistently and regularly are less likely to develop breast cancer.

How To Make Your Boobs Grow with fenugreek?

Fenugreek can be used in five forms, leaving you spoiled for choice: powder, seed, cream, oil and capsules. Whatever the form is chosen, the treatment should not exceed ninety days or three months. To obtain visible effects, the cure should not be interrupted. On the other hand, prolonging it beyond three months will not have any actual effectiveness.
You can incorporate fenugreek seeds as part of your diet to enlarge your breasts. Fenugreek oil and cream can be used to massage your chest once a day. If you decide to opt for food supplements, you have to follow the instructions on the bottle to complete your cure.

How To Make Your Breast Look Bigger

How To Make Your Breast Look Bigger

Other foods to eat, To take chest naturally, you can also consume fennel, which has phytoestrogens capable of modifying the body's hormone levels. Several clinical studies conducted in 1980 and 1985 demonstrated its effect on estrogen.
Anise, Pueraria Mirifica, and liquorice root can also be consumed to increase breast volume! Finally, burdock improves blood circulation in the chest, and it is a plant that you can consume in the form of an infusion.

Exercises To Make Your Breast Grow Bigger Naturally

Specific physical exercises can help us enlarge our breasts naturally. We would tend to think that sport, by promoting weight loss, will also reduce the mass of fat present in the breasts. And reduce the volume of these, consequently. And that's true. However, under the breasts are muscles. Targeting these muscles and developing them will help give a more rounded and voluminous look to the chest. So, are you ready for the challenge?

Bench press To Increase Boobs

In general, all physical exercises that will work the muscles located under the breasts (the large pectorals) should be practised to obtain visible and satisfactory results. Many men do the bench press to build their pecs. And women also have every interest in working on it! In addition to increasing the chest volume, this exercise helps to firm it. But that's not all: this exercise has the effect of strengthening the triceps, which are the muscles located at the back of arms, for a more harmonious result on the upper part of the body.

For this exercise, take care to position yourself well to not injure yourself. It is an exercise that is generally practised only in the gym unless you have the necessary equipment. Indoors, you will also benefit from expert advice to help you progress more quickly. Know that you can also practice it at home with simple dumbbells or a gym elastic.

How To Get Bigger Breasts - Chest pump

To gain breasts naturally, push-ups are also an excellent solution! If you practice it regularly, you will develop your pecs and thus make your chest grow. Do not hesitate to alternate the exercises for complete work and thus obtain the chest of your dreams. Muscular pectorals will ensure perfect support for your breasts, which has the effect of making your chest more toned and firm.

In parallel with the push-ups, you can also perform an exercise that consists of remaining in support and touching your shoulders. To do this:
Face the floor with your hands shoulder-width apart and facing forward.
Lift your left hand and bring it over your left shoulder before placing it back on the floor.
Do the same with the other hand.
Bend your elbows and lower yourself before pausing and coming back up.
Go back to touching your shoulders with the opposite hand.

Other exercises To Increase Size Of Boobs

To make your chest grow without having to resort to surgery, you can request other exercises to be implemented in a regular plan, in addition to push-ups and the bench press. Dumbbells will be your best allies to grow your chest naturally! Do upward stretches, arcs, or alternating movements with your dumbbells. You can also do the plank by moving to the side (or raising your hands alternately) or lifting your body by leaning on a chair. These few exercises will help you shape your chest, but also to appreciate it!

Make My Boobs Bigger with Massages 

How to enlarge the chest? With simple massages! Indeed, massaging your breasts between ten and twenty minutes a day improves the tone of the breasts and allows them to gain volume. Massage them directly on the pectoral muscle, making circular and very slow movements. Put the odds on your side with essential oils or suitable products, such as cream or fenugreek oil in particular.

Essential oils for Bigger Boobs 

Essential oils are perfectly natural and powerful products, always be used with great care. Some of these oils are beneficial for the chest and help us make it bigger simply and naturally.

Essential oils

Several essential oils can help firm your breasts. Mixed with massages, targeted sports exercises, and fenugreek consumption, these oils can help you get the bulging chest you want. Essential oils of cypress and lemon balm promote firming of the skin of the chest. Cypress oil can have many uses, including reducing cellulite, heavy legs, varicose veins and water retention. It thus acts on the blood and lymphatic circulation. To apply it, it should be mixed with vegetable oil (daisy, or argan, preferably) and massage your boobs.
Atlas cedar and palmarosa essential oils are also recommended if you want to grow your breasts naturally. Both are excellent lymphatics, which have the effect of toning the lymphatic system.

Daisy vegetable oil

It is not an essential oil but vegetable oil. However, daisy oil is very beneficial for the chest. It is also called "bellis oil". Apply daily to clean, dry skin; this oil promotes blood circulation. It provides a shaping and toning effect on the bust and chest, which is a real asset to grow your chest naturally! It can be applied daily or alternated with other oils and moisturizers. Two other oils can be as effective as daisy oil. This is argan oil from olive oil, which is much easier to find commercially.

How To Get Your Boobs Bigger

How Do You Make Your Boobs Bigger? Cosmetic surgery is not the only way to have more breasts. Moreover, this solution has nothing natural, unlike fenugreek, essential oils and targeted exercises. Before starting an expensive operation To Get Your Boobs Bigger, start by trying to gain breasts naturally with these simple and effective solutions!