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10 foods that boost your metabolism

10 foods that boost your metabolism
Boost your metabolism promotes weight loss. How to do it and what foods to eat? We'll tell you everything. Metabolism refers to the rate at which the body burns calories from food. The thyroid gland is responsible for metabolism and the production of energy that the body needs; it regulates the secretion of thyroid hormones. This major butterfly-shaped endocrine gland is located at the base of the neck, below the Adam's apple (and even if you don't have one, you still have a thyroid).
Signs of an underactive thyroid gland include sensitivity to cold, extreme fatigue, difficulty sleeping, bowel problems like irritable bowel syndrome, skin problems, low sex drive, and taking weight. Supporting your thyroid gland is important for keeping your metabolism in top shape.

Foods That Increase Metabolism And Burn Fat

Foods That Increase Metabolism And Burn Fat

Metabolism, what is it?

Metabolism is the set of processes used by the body to convert into energy what we eat and drink. The body draws on calories and oxygen to provide the power necessary to function muscles, brain, cells, and organs properly. Added to this basic metabolism are the energy expenditures related to the practice of physical activity. Metabolism is more or less rapidly depending on the frequency of exercise, age or even the size of the individual.
The metabolic diet is a food rebalancing that aims to stimulate metabolism. These new habits make it possible to accelerate the elimination of stored fat in the body and thus lose weight. To do this, you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle: sleep between 7 and 8 hours, practice deep breathing, exercise daily, stay well hydrated.
Regarding food, we focus on proteins because they help build muscle. We also choose a diet rich in good fats and fibre. Discover the foods that boost the metabolism and make them natural slimming allies while having fun.

Almonds and walnuts allies to boost your metabolism

These oilseeds are rich in good fats very useful for boosting your metabolism. Almonds, walnuts and others also contain fibre, calcium and magnesium, valuable elements for weight loss. We make sure to choose them as naturally as possible without salt, not roasted, even less coated with praline, sugar and chocolate. In addition, we avoid eating whole bowls. A handful is enough between meals or for dessert.

Metabolism Boosting Foods - Chicken breast

Chicken breast is rich in protein vitamins B2 and almost fat. Thanks to its consistency, it wedges the stomach in particular because it requires chewing. This white meat is ideal for speeding up your metabolism.

Foods That Increase Metabolism - Tuna

Proteins and Omega 3. Tuna has it all. It is rich in iron; its flesh is satiating; it contains vitamins B6 and B12, which help digest well and manage stress. We prefer it natural, canned, fresh, or raw.

Coffee to speed Up Metabolism

It is not a received idea; coffee is indeed a fat burner. It increases metabolism by 5 to 8%, corresponding to a bonus loss of an average of 100 calories. We prefer it without sugar, milk or caramel, and we avoid drinking it after 4 p.m. The risk? Not being able to sleep the next night promotes weight gain.

Cinnamon To Increase Your Metabolic Rate

It's the star food! Cinnamon contains cinnamic aldehyde, which stimulates metabolism and a flavonoid that promotes the use of sugars by cells. It is also rich in fiber . In short, it is the perfect ally for diabetics or those who want to lose weight.

Cabbage best metabolism booster

Broccoli, Kale and Chinese Cabbage. Cabbages contain vitamin C, which has an "appetite suppressant" power, generating energy and making you want to exercise. This vitamin also helps with protein synthesis and the production of norepinephrine, a hormone responsible for extracting fat from dimples.

Lemon Boost Metabolism For Flat Stomach

Lemon is your friend for weight loss. Its juice participates in the glycemic balance and thus regulates the appetite. It also facilitates the acid-base balance, crucial for the metabolic process, which allows you to burn more. A tip: add a little lemon juice to your carafe of water for a drink that could be described as "metabolic".

White cheese

Rich in calcium, protein and low in fat. Cottage cheese helps eliminate fat and stimulates the basic metabolism. Most? It suppresses hunger more than yogurt, making it a perfect ally for a snack between meals or dessert when you are not quite complete.


The fondest of spicy dishes will be delighted to hear the news. The more the pepper burns in the mouth, the more it contains capsaicin, a pungent active ingredient, and the more it burns sugars and fats. For a good reason: its consumption causes a heat peak in the body, which requires the body to produce energy. Chilli is, therefore, an excellent metabolic booster but don't hurt your stomach.

The egg

Once a week in the morning, two eggs are ideal for an appetite suppressing breakfast that helps build muscle. Eggs are protein and burn more fat. They can be cooked, boiled or fried.

Tips to increase your metabolism

Tips to increase your metabolism

1. Eat a good breakfast and eat light in the evening

If you want to speed up your basal metabolism, there's nothing like indulging in a healthy breakfast filled with wholesome foods. A study has indeed shown that having a good breakfast and eating light in the evening could boost our metabolism and thus promote weight loss. So treat yourself to breakfast!

2. Practice abdominal breathing

Breathing properly can also help speed up your metabolism. Indeed, oxygen being necessary for the proper functioning of the metabolic process, it is therefore impossible to burn fat in the absence of oxygen. Abdominal breathing, i.e. breathing through the diaphragm, provides a much greater quantity of oxygen than breathing through the thorax, but it also allows you to relax and thus fight stress, a harmful phenomenon that slows down our metabolism, as explained earlier in this article.

3. Chew gum

And no, you're not dreaming, chewing gum could increase the energy expenditure of your basic metabolism by about 20%! A scientific study has indeed discovered that 3 hours of chewing a day could allow you to lose one kilogram of body fat per year. Be careful, however, not to abuse it because repeated chewing can have harmful effects for your jaw.

5. Allow yourself a day of indulgence

This means that you allow yourself to eat whatever you want one day a week. Although one might think that this type of meal presents risks of nullifying all our efforts, it turns out that the scientists do not necessarily agree with us. A study has indeed shown that following the consumption of a higher calorie and larger meal than usual, the production of the hormone leptin, which influences our appetite and our metabolism, increases up to 30 % for 24 hours, causing our body to consume additional calories. In addition, having fun is also an excellent way to release the stress resulting from frustration.