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Healthy Eating With Sodium

Sodium is a mineral which is required for to our body. It mainly carries an electrical charged mineral called electrolyte in the body. The level of sodium is regulated through many interacting methods in the body as the concentration should stay in normal range. There may be problems in the body if sodium levels changes too high or too low. Sodium is necessary to maintain fluid distribution, active work of cells, blood pressure and also for electrical activity.

Sodium benefits for body

Sodium benefits for body

Sodium and Distribution of fluid in the body

As we have discussed, sodium atoms carry a type of strong and active positive electrical charges in the body. They melt in body fluids that are mostly water. Water is a polar molecule but do not carry a charge. It makes us understand that it has a negative and positive side. Water allows the sodium to flow in the body. If the level of sodium increases in a tissue then there is also an increase in level of fluids. Sodium controls the distribution of fluids in the body. To keep control on swelling and shrink of tissues and cells there should be perfect concentration of sodium control in the body.

Sodium and Rise in blood pressure

Along with the effects of size of cells, the sodium concentration helps to settle the proper distribution of fluids in tissue such as blood vessels. If higher sodium is taken then more memory takes place including water in the blood vessels. This can make the rise in blood pressure. If the blood pressure rises it may cause to health problems.

Sodium and Work of cells in the body

Sodium does the work of transporting minerals and other substances into and out of the cells. As the attention of sodium is higher outside the cells when compared to the sodium inside the cells then special protein ways open the surface of the cell when sodium starts flowing in cells. This kind of attentive force is controlled to get other substances into or out of the cell.

Sodium and Activity of electrical grade

Electrical rise is created when sodium and potassium makes a flow of inside and outside of the cells. This kind of electrical gradient is more important for doing work and proper functioning of nerves and muscle tissue for communication. Nerves make use of flow of electrolytes to send signals, the function of heart beating is also maintained by the flow of electrolytes and especially muscles use it to pass the signals of narrowing.

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