Hot Dried Beef Dip Recipe

Dried Beef Dip Recipe
Cream cheese, beef, onion and more are combined with the unique and earthy flavor of mushroom to make this delicious dried beef dip. This beef dip recipe is straightforward to make because you just have to mix the prepared ingredients together.
For a really meaty appetizer recipe, this beef and onion dip is divine. You can make an assortment of dips and serve them together, with an assortment of things for dunking. If you like shrimp appetizers, you might want to serve a creamy dip for those. If you are also serving meat for dipping, maybe a satay sauce dip or an onion and sour cream dip would work well. You will find that if you serve a variety of dips and an assortment of items for dipping, people will make their own choices of what to dip and what to dip it in.

Hot Beef Dip Ingredients 

  1. ¼ cup chopped onion
  2. 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
  3. ½ cup sliced mushrooms
  4. 1 tablespoon butter
  5. 1 cup milk
  6. 8 oz cream cheese
  7. ¼ cup grated parmesan
  8. 1 cup dried beef
  9. 2 cups hot water

Hot Dried Beef Dip Preparation

  1. Rinse the beef in the hot water, then drain it and chop it.
  2. Fry the onion in the butter until soft.
  3. Stir in the cream cheese and milk, mixing well.
  4. Add the dried beef and the other ingredients and serve hot with tortilla chips or vegetable crudités for dipping.
(Serves 8)

Hot Chipped Beef Dip

You can serve this dip with vegetable crudités such as celery or asparagus. Alternatively, tortilla chips or garlic bread are great for dipping. This cream cheese beef dip is unusual enough to impress your guests and the flavors all go together beautifully, so don't be surprised if you are asked for the recipe for this delicious cheese, beef and onion dip at the end of the party!