Collagen: dangers and side effects

Collagen: dangers and side effects

Collagen is beneficial for the skin and the joints. However, its consumption is not recommended for some people and can cause side effects. Collagen dietary supplements are becoming increasingly popular due to their benefits on the skin, hair, or nails.
Collagen synthesis decreases with age, and as collagen levels deplete, skin loses firmness and radiance.
Many types of collagen are available on the market, and it can be difficult for the consumer to navigate.
Here's everything you need to know about collagen, such as the dangers, side effects, contraindications, and benefits.

Collagen Supplements: Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage

Collagen Supplements: Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage

What is collagen?

Collagen is a so-called “structural” protein because it ensures the integrity of the skeleton. Thus, it participates in the maintenance and cohesion of tissues, the functioning of joints, and muscle regeneration.
It also has beneficial effects on the skin by providing suppleness, firmness, and elasticity.
Present in abundance in the body, it is mainly found in the bones, cartilage, muscles, tendons, and dermis.
The body synthesizes it naturally, but its production decreases with age. Tobacco, alcohol, pollution can also impact collagen synthesis.

A dietary supplement

Supplementation is therefore interesting to compensate for this loss and replenish collagen reserves.
Dietary supplements are available in capsules, tablets, powder, or liquid form. There are marine collagen and bovine collagen on the market.
However, collagen has some contraindications. Thus, its consumption is not recommended for some people, and it can also cause side effects.

Are there any negative effects of taking collagen?

In which cases is it contraindicated?

In case of allergy

Depending on its origin, collagen can cause an allergic reaction, resulting in itching, difficulty breathing, and vomiting.
Bovine collagen, for example, can cause a reaction in people with animal protein allergies.
In general, its consumption is not recommended for people with a food allergy, especially to fish, shellfish, or eggs.

In case of hypercalcemia

This pathology results in calcium in the blood. However, taking collagen increases the level of calcium and helps it to bind to the bones.
It is therefore not recommended for people suffering from hypercalcemia. In case of other disorders of calcium metabolism (hypocalcemia), seek medical advice.

In case of kidney failure

This disease is characterized by dysfunction of the kidneys, and these no longer manage to filter the blood and adequately eliminate toxins from the body.
However, in the case of renal insufficiency, it is advisable to limit its protein intake. By transforming into urea, they put a lot of strain on the kidneys and exhaust them.

Collagen side effects?

Because it is already present in the body, collagen is generally well tolerated. Nevertheless, it is possible to experience side effects such as:
  • digestive disorders
  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • bloating
  • gastric acidity
In most cases, these symptoms are mild and go away quickly. Failing this, reduce the doses and/or the frequency of doses.
Stop your consumption and consult a doctor if the side effects do not subside.

CollagenUsage precautions

Collagen Side Effects: What To Know About Taking Collagen

To avoid possible side effects, always respect the dosage indicated by the manufacturer. You can also start with small doses before gradually increasing according to your feelings.
The intake of collagen must be spread over 3 to 6 months maximum.

Collagen Side Effects: What To Know About Taking Collagen

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. Collagen is essential for skin, muscles, and ligaments, and it can relieve joint pain or provide firmer skin.
Some scientific studies demonstrate the beneficial effects of dietary collagen supplements to improve skin health or pain related to arthritis.
Taking collagen does not present any particular dangers or contraindications. Be sure to consume patented collagen with mild hydrolysis to ensure quality.