How to choose your nursing bra?

How to choose your nursing bra?
Which nursing bra to choose? Pregnancy and breastfeeding are unique times that every woman experiences differently. The effects on the body vary from one mother-to-be to another. The breasts and bust volume increases considerably, and the chest takes on average one to two cup sizes, or even more. Wearing lingerie adapted to the evolution of your curves is essential, especially if you are breastfeeding.
How do you know which model of nursing bra is suitable for you? We answer all your questions to help you find the plus-size maternity lingerie made for you!

1. Why use a nursing bra?

In the breastfeeding phase, using a classic bra is complicated because you have to take it off regularly and quickly to feed your baby. Unlike a usual bra, the nursing bra is specially designed to facilitate this task, thanks to:
  1. the system allowing the opening at the level of the cups, which ultimately uncovers the areola;
  2. the structure that provides excellent support thanks to the thick and adjustable straps to support your back and your breasts;
  3. to delicate materials such as cotton, foam, or microfiber. They provide optimal comfort, promote quick-drying and protect your sensitive skin as well as that of your infant.

2. When to buy a plus-size nursing bra?

You can choose a nursing bra and buy it when you are pregnant and after the baby is born.
During maternity, in the 8th month of pregnancy.
Choose your nursing bra after measuring your size in the 3rd trimester and adding depth to it because you will gain extra volume when your milk comes in. For example, if you are 100B in the 3rd trimester, take a 105C bra. Obviously, you can buy one sooner, once your regular bras get too small.

After childbirth

Generally, the cup size returns to that of the first months of pregnancy after childbirth. Wait two weeks before determining your final size, then invest in a second nursing bra, again a cup size larger. If you buy your bra on the internet and have the slightest doubt, you can follow all our advice to buy your lingerie online confidently.

Tips Without Complex Lingerie

The number of bras you need to buy will also depend on how long you breastfeed. From the third month of lactation, you will gradually lose volume, and it will be necessary to provide smaller bras.

3. Which plus-size nursing bra to choose from?

Since you'll probably be breastfeeding outside, there are plenty of lace, trendy and glamorous designs to still look feminine even when feeding your newborn!

Wireless nursing bra: for maximum comfort

During the day, you can choose according to your preferences. If you prefer a non-wired nursing bra, you will probably be more comfortable. Seamless and stretchy, it will bring you absolute well-being.

Nursing bra with underwire: for huge breasts

The nursing bra with underwire offers the most excellent support. The underwiring reinforces the support of the cups and helps relieve the weight carried by the back. Opt for models with delicate and flexible frames that will adapt to changes in your great shapes.

Nursing bra: for peaceful nights

To preserve your sleep, use a nursing bra. Ultra-comfortable at night and an excellent alternative to a wireless bra during the day, the bra combines lightness, softness, and absolute comfort. At the end of pregnancy, she will be your best friend.

Nursing nightie: never give up on your femininity

Mums looking for pretty pieces of lingerie will also be able to take advantage of the first months of rest by slipping into a nursing nightie that is both sensual and practical.
You can pair your nursing bras with comfortable body stockings. Also designed in extra-soft and light materials, these maternity lingerie sets will perfectly accompany your mother-child moments.

4. Which opening system for your plus-size maternity lingerie?

Above all, bet on a nursing bra with elastic and lined cups to be comfortably maintained during your maternity. This construction is the best way to provide irreproachable support to your firm breasts: it completely encloses the breasts to keep them firm and supported without compressing them.

Regarding the opening system:
  • the clip system placed on the straps at the top of the breasts allows you to fasten and unfasten the fasteners with one hand for discreet feedings with ease;
  • a bra with 3 or 4 hook positions at the back is preferable to readjust it according to variations in your bust size.


To breastfeed, you must alternate breasts at each session. Attach a paper clip, clamp, or barrette to the strap of your bra corresponding to the breast that was nursed. You will always know which breast to feed the next time.

5. How to take care of your plus-size maternity lingerie?

Your baby will often come into contact with your underwear during breastfeeding. They must keep their softness to irritate either his skin or yours, which are extremely sensitive. Ideally:
  • Wash your maternity lingerie by hand. If you cannot do this and you use the machine, consider inserting it in a laundry net to protect the opening system;
  • wash your underwear with a hypoallergenic detergent for delicate products at a maximum temperature of 30°C;
  • do not tumble dry or iron them; this may damage the fibers of the fabrics.
Precisely like your classic underwear, maternity lingerie requires LThe same maintenance precautions or even greater attention.