8 benefits of Sex during pregnancy

Benefits of Having Sex During Pregnancy? Depending on the couple, sexuality can be disrupted entirely and experienced differently during pregnancy. Hormones could change your view of sex, but it would be a shame to deprive yourself! Know that the sensations of pleasure during pregnancy can be increased tenfold. The vagina is better lubricated and more sensitive in women; you have to go beyond your fears. Making love during pregnancy has many benefits.

What are the benefits of sex during pregnancy?

8 benefits of Sex during pregnancy

Beneficial for childbirth

Vaginal penetration, especially in the third trimester, positively affects the female body. The pelvic muscles being solicited prepare them for childbirth; it is the same for the cervix. This is why it is often recommended that women have as much sexual intercourse as possible when they pass the threshold of 9 months of pregnancy. Sex could induce childbirth. However, beware of amalgam fillings; it does not in any way promote premature delivery! There are no medical contraindications when the growth conditions of the fetus are normal. Beneficial for the whole family

Good for the baby

The baby feels his mother's well-being and pleasure at all times during pregnancy, and especially when she reaches orgasm. Hormones released by sexual pleasure cause uterine contractions. The baby is then cradled in a real bubble bath, and who doesn't like to take a ride in a jacuzzi?

Good for mother

The benefits don't stop at pelvic muscle training for women. A future mother always needs to be reassured about her appearance and her couple. Sexual intercourse is then a way for her to feel loved and desired by her partner. This makes her feel good and secures her, which is vital to welcome the baby in good emotional conditions.

Good for dad

The father can sometimes be neglected in the process of pregnancy. But, as he watches his wife change and become an active part of the baby's life, he may feel left out. It is also important for him to feel loved by the mother of his child. Having no physical changes himself, feeling this close contact can only benefit his future role as a father.

Good for couple

Sex is, therefore, beneficial for each individual and the couple as a unit! Parents will reconnect more quickly once childbirth is over. The parents distance themselves a little when they have to take care of the baby; sexual intercourse can help avoid this problem. The baby will only be happier, and he will arrive in a relaxed and serene atmosphere, where loving communication is always present.

Natural painkillers

Come mothers may feel tired or unwell during pregnancy. This is normal and nothing to worry about. But again, sex can help. Your body releases oxytocin during sex, a considerable amount of it during orgasm. This natural hormone stimulates the production of dopamine and endorphin. It is they who give you this pleasure and ambient well-being. You will then be much less prone to various pains. It is not recommended to use this means if the act itself is painful.

Finding the correct position

At the beginning of pregnancy and sexual positions are not a problem. You can continue as before while avoiding pushing the imagination too far. The more the belly grows, the more difficult it will be to find a comfortable position for both parents. It is then necessary to adopt softer positions to avoid breast, abdominal, and lumbar pressure. Do not hesitate to place cushions under the woman's head and shoulders to eliminate any discomfort.
She can sit on top of her husband, get on all fours, you can both get on your side of the husband behind his wife, and there are many comfortable positions. Take a look, for example, at the part of the tiny spoons and the sidesaddle, which can prevent several pains. Avoid too deep penetration, which could hurt.

Can sex during pregnancy hurt my baby?

You must immediately sweep away your fears: there is no risk of injuring your baby during your intercourse! The fetus is indeed very well protected in its bubble of amniotic fluid, and it is completely isolated from the outside world, and the liquid absorbs all shocks. The baby follows the movements of its mother and cannot be squeezed.
It is also protected from possible microbes carried by intercourse: the cervix is ​​blocked by a natural secretion which blocks the way to a large majority of intrusive organisms.
You also do not risk a piercing of the bag of water because of the movements of the penis. You will never touch the baby. Understand that the vagina and the uterus are entirely separate from each other. About 5 centimetres separate the furthest wall of the vagina and the tip of the baby's head.

Amazing Benefits of Sex During Pregnancy

Pregnancy disrupts a woman's motor skills, but it is better to seek appropriate solutions than to deprive yourself of sex. Sexual intercourse contributes to the well-being of the body and mood of the future mother. The only case where sex is reduced to a minimum is complications (presence of infections or risk of premature delivery). Your doctor will then keep you informed. In any other circumstance, there is no reason to deprive yourself. Quite the contrary, it is beneficial for the whole family!