Five Reasons to Make Your Own Appetizer Recipes

Five Reasons to Make Your Own Appetizer Recipes

1. It Shows You Have Made an Effort

If you want to impress your guests, you are not going to do that by serving a plate of thawed grocery store appetizers. The appetizers you serve makes a statement and homemade appetizers shows your guests that you are happy to make the effort. There are easy party appetizers and make ahead appetizers, so there is no excuse not to at least have a try at making your own appetizers!

2. There are Lots of Easy Party Appetizers to Choose From

Whether you want to make a quick and easy appetizer, cold appetizer recipe, hot appetizer recipes, summer appetizer recipes, shrimp appetizers, or something else, the sky is the limit when it comes to appetizer options, like all your favorite Greek things, combined in one bite. Best served with baked pita chips.

3. Make Ahead Appetizers Taste Great Too

If you have to make a main meal and dessert too, why not make the appetizers ahead. Chilled appetizers can usually be made in advance and kept in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve them.

4. Homemade Appetizers are More Economical Than Bought Ones

You can save money by making your own appetizers. Why pay five dollars for a packet of tiny appetizers you have to throw in the deep fryer, when you can make your own delicious and easy party appetizers for one or two dollars? Even if you are not on a tight budget, serving tasty homemade food is still better than serving store-bought things.

5. Nothing Beats the Taste of Homemade Appetizers

Appetizer Recipes
With homemade easy party appetizers, you can put your own stamp on them. You choose what to make, how many to make and how to garnish the serving platters. Making your own appetizers shows your guests that you feel they are worth the effort and starts the evening off in a great way.

Making Appetizers For Thanksgiving

Appetizers For Thanksgiving
Professional caterers usually plan on twelve appetizers per person if they are catering for a cocktail party, or six if they are catering for a dinner party. If there will be fewer than fifty people, try to serve six different appetizers. If there will be more than fifty people, make eight different types of appetizers. If you are expecting less than ten people, three types should be fine.
Another good idea is to make an equal number of hot appetizer recipes and cold appetizer recipes, so there is always some food circulating. While a chilled appetizer is being served, a hot one can be warming in the oven. Five appetizer portions per person per hour is a good rule to stick to.