7 Healthy Benefits Of Walnuts | Low Cholesterol Recipes

7 Healthy Benefits Of Walnuts

Walnuts or nuts in general contain lots of health and medicinal benefits. However, some people claims that by consuming nuts, one may get poor skin condition and other related skin problems. To some extent, it is true. Some people are allergic to nuts. However, I beg to differ since it may be a rare case. We should not ignore the benefits of nuts. Each food has their own recommended intake proportion and same goes for nuts. It should be taken proportionately since eating a little amount of it is enough to provide all the necessary nutrition.

Benefits Of Eating Walnuts

In this article, we will discuss about the benefits of walnut. The most common walnut found in the markets is Persian walnuts and English walnuts.

Walnuts are used not only in cooking and baking but also used for medicinal purposes and also offered in prayers.
Walnut contains a lot of omega-3. It contains alpha linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid), traces of manganese and copper minerals, iron, zinc, fiber and also Vitamin B. Eating walnuts can help in increasing Omega-3 level in a person’s body which in turn helps protect our body by increasing our immunity system.

Promoting Positive Mental Health

Based on research done, walnuts are found to be able to promote positive health condition such as, protecting the arteries from high fat meals, maintaining healthy heart, maintains healthy bone, help lowers cholesterol levels, improves brain cells activity and it also helps prevent gallstones.

Cleansing The Kidney

The Chinese believe the walnut helps in cleansing the kidney which is why they used it in their traditional medicine.

Low Cholesterol Recipes

Benefits Of Walnuts
are rich in oil which is why they are widely used in low cholesterol recipes.

Fresh walnuts can be mixed together in your own homemade salad which makes a very healthy meal. Besides that, it can be used as toppings on your favorite desserts.
A small amount of walnut would be enough. Some other meals I would suggest is to make a cereal bar, chicken & farfalle with creamy walnut sauce, flounder with spinach & walnut stuffing and many more.