Timballo Recipe - Timballo Spaghetti

Timballo Recipe - Timballo Spaghetti
Today I will make a new and delicious recipe for Timballo Spaghetti recipe, Serve it with a salad and crunchy bread. Timballo di Pasta, an Italian culinary masterpiece, is a dish that transcends the boundaries of mere sustenance and ventures into the realm of artistry. This baked pasta dish, also known as "Timpano" or "Timballo al Forno," combines the simplicity of pasta with layers of rich flavors, creating a symphony for the taste buds. In this culinary journey, we explore the steps to craft the perfect Timballo di Pasta, transforming a medley of ingredients into a work of gastronomic excellence.

Timballo Spaghetti Ingredients

  1. 1 tbsp olive oil
  2. 1 Pack spaghetti (15 oz)
  3. 2 Jars Marinara sauce (25 oz)
  4. 3 Cups chicken bosom meat, chopped
  5. 1 Big onion  chopped
  6. 1 pack of  slashed pepperoni, diced  (7 oz)
  7. 1 Green pepper, chopped
  8. 1 Can mushroom parts (5 oz) 
  9. 1 Can slashed olives which can be dark 3 oz) 
  10. 3 Mugs chopped mozzarella cheddar
  11. 1 tbsp  grated Parmesan cheese, or even to taste

Timballo Recipe Preparation

  1. Preheat broiler to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Spread olive oil into the lower part of a cast-iron skillet or huge preparing dish.
  2. Heat a huge pot of gently salted water to the point of boiling. Cook spaghetti in the bubbling water, mixing every so often until cooked through yet firm to the nibble, around 12 minutes; channel.
  3. Mix spaghetti, marinara sauce, diced chicken, onion, pepperoni, green pepper, mushroom pieces, and dark olives together in an enormous bowl; move into the readied cast-iron skillet. Top with mozzarella cheddar in a layer and sprinkle with Parmesan cheddar.
  4. Heat in the preheated stove until meal is gurgling, chicken is cooked through, and the cheddar besting is softly seared, around 30 minutes.

Timballo Recipe Nutrition Facts

  1. 670 calories
  2. Protein 36.5g
  3. Carbohydrates 67g
  4. Fat 27g
  5. Cholesterol 84mg
  6. Sodium 1562.5mg.

Timballo Recipe

Timballo recipe is an Italian side dish made with layers of cooked rice, cheese, and vegetables. I make mine with sautéed eggplant. Small Spaghetti or potatoes can be substituted for the rice. You can add meat or fish for a main dish. It is served hot, topped generously with marinara or Béchamel. I think of it as a great way to dress up leftovers, turning them into something fancy.