9 Foods to avoid at night to sleep well

9 Foods to avoid at night to sleep well

The worst foods for sleep. Many are unaware of it, but it is necessary to sleep well. Food plays a key role in health, and we offer you a list of 9 foods to banish to avoid insomnia.
Getting good quality sleep is essential for staying fit and healthy. This is a well-known fact. However, what is less is that our diet plays a big role in the quality of our sleep. Nevertheless, with a little logic, it makes sense. Indeed, it is also well known that food plays a large part in the health of our bodies. It may seem logical that sleep also depends on our diet if we sleep too. Draw your attention to these 9 foods that are favourable to insomnia. Consumed in excess, they directly impact our falling asleep and the quality of our sleep.

What foods are not good for sleeping?

What foods are not good for sleeping?

These foods that promote insomnia, the enemies of restful sleep

We are all concerned when it comes to sleeping and eating. Indeed, these are the basics of everyone's life. And in today's society, we are only beginning to ask ourselves the right questions. Therefore, having a high quality of life requires eating well and sleeping well. But as with everything, excesses are to be avoided. Adopting a healthy lifestyle means knowing how to regulate all these phenomena. Thus, balanced meals at fixed times help our body to stay healthy. Likewise, a good night's sleep, also at fixed times, also improves our lives. However, certain foods promote insomnia.

Spicy dishes

Spicy dishes are to be avoided for the evening meal. They can cause heartburn or bloat. To fight them, erasure or not, the body temperature increases. However, to find sleep, the body temperature must drop, and the organism's activity must slow down. In short, ready meals are very good friends of insomnia.


Alcohol may seem ideal for a good night's sleep. Indeed, it is proven that it can help us fall asleep. But how does it affect the quality of our sleep? He happens to fall into the category of fake friends. If it can help us fall asleep, it assumes us more than it puts us to sleep. So the quality of the following night is not good at all. The second part of our night will be disturbed, even interrupted by alcohol, because this active substance promotes muscle relaxation. And this allows the appearance of respiratory problems during sleep (snoring or apnea).

Ice creams

Ice creams, rich in sugar, are also not consumed in the evening. However, a frozen dessert may seem ideal for cooling off after a good dinner. The sugar level in ice cream and cakes of all kinds does not promote restful sleep.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate does indeed have soothing properties. Also, eating a piece of it before sleeping might seem like a good idea, and it can relax and soothe us. Favourable states to find sleep and have a good night. But then again, he's a fake friend. Indeed, dark chocolate contains stimulating substances for the body. Therefore, its consumption leads to an increase in heart rate, which will have the opposite effect than that sought.


Charcuterie is to be avoided for evening meals. Like all foods containing a lot of fat, cold meats of all kinds lead to prolonged digestion. However, it is better to encourage our body to rest for restful sleep, and fast and gentle digestion is preferred. To avoid insomnia, you should not eat fatty foods before bedtime.


Cheeses lead to long digestion. Like cold cuts, they are not eaten at dinner to benefit from quality sleep. Legumes should also be avoided in the evening, for the same reasons.


Tomatoes then and certain other vegetables are not appreciated in the evening by our body. But this time, it's because the brain is overstimulated, and it must also slow down its activity to allow us to fall asleep and have a good night's sleep.

Asian dishes

Asian dishes are also to be avoided for dinner. They generally contain foods rich in sodium glutamate. This amino acid offers a lot of energy, and in fact, it is not the great friend of restful sleep. Therefore invites you to opt for lunch to eat a good Asian meal. In the evening, these meals may prevent you from getting to sleep. Also, sodium glutamate is found in various sauces or ready meals in supermarkets, not necessarily Asian inspiration.

Foods To Avoid Before Sleep

Finally, red meats should not be the ideal meal for dinner either. The protein content of red meat is too high, and other meats are acceptable for the evening, such as chicken or turkey.