8 Pineapple Health Benefits

Pineapple Health Benefits

Nutritional Benefits Of Pineapple, Pineapple is one of the sweet-tasting tropical fruits, which can go into making many delicious dishes, but many people may not appreciate the actual value of this fruit. Learn about the benefits of pineapple in the following article:

Pineapple benefits

Pineapple is not just a light and delicious tropical fruit meal, as it is a good fruit for adults and children due to the many health benefits it enjoys, and among essential health benefits of pineapple are the following:

Benefits Of Eating Pineapple

Benefits Of Eating Pineapple

1-Does eating pineapple aid digestion?

Pineapple contains one of the digestive enzymes known as bromelain, which plays a role in protein digestion, facilitating digestion, especially in the stomach.
Hence, eating pineapple after a protein-rich meal or drinking its juice may help aid digestion, relieve pressure on the stomach, and helping to prevent constipation.

2. Pineapple Good For bones

One of the benefits of pineapple is that it contains both phosphorous and manganese, which makes it a major role in the process of bone formation and strengthening.
Manganese is important in the metabolism process involved in tissue and bone regeneration, calcium absorption, and connective tissue formation.

3- Pineapple Benefits For Skin

Pineapple also contains vitamin C, which is involved in the process of collagen production and construction, which helps promote skin health and maintain its freshness, and the bromelain enzyme that is characterized by pineapple has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties, including skin, and has a role in softening the skin and reducing swelling.

4- High source of fibre

Like most fruits, pineapple is a high source of fibre, but unlike the rest, it is a high source of both soluble and insoluble fibre.
Hence, pineapple helps to increase the feeling of stomach fullness and satiety. It contributes to regulating bowel movement and digestion, slowing digestion, controlling and maintaining blood sugar levels, and may effectively reduce harmful cholesterol levels in the blood. Thus promoting the health of the heart and arteries.

5- Pineapple and Anti-inflammatory advantages

The anti-inflammatory properties in pineapple are primarily derived from the enzyme bromelain in it, which has recently been linked to treating arthritis and reducing pain.

6- Relieves muscle pain - Bromelain Uses

Pineapple contains potassium, which effectively relieves muscle pain and spasms. From here, eating pineapple may help you enhance the muscle recovery process, especially after hard workouts and exercises.

7-  Benefits Of Eating Pineapple For A Woman

Reducing PMS symptoms, For women who suffer from symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), eating pineapple may help relieve these symptoms, thanks to its content of manganese, calcium and potassium, which helps reduce irritability, mood swings, headaches and other symptoms of hormone fluctuations.
The enzyme bromelain may also help relax muscles and relieve cramps and pain.

8- Pineapple For Weight Loss

Pineapple juice helps to enhance the process of lipid analysis, thus reducing the risk of obesity, the severity of cardiovascular diseases, and relieving dyslipidemia, which is the presence of abnormal amounts of fats in the blood, according to a study conducted on mice and published In the Journal of Food Science and Biotechnology in 2018, researchers believe that pineapple's content of the enzyme bromelain is the reason behind these health benefits. However, more studies in humans are still needed to confirm these results,, and it is worth noting that pineapple fruit is a low-calorie fruit, rich in dietary fibre, which contributes to promoting a feeling of satiety; Thus, reducing the amount of food eaten and losing weight, and in general, it is worth noting that regardless of the type of food eaten, the main rule in losing weight is to eat fewer calories than those consumed by the body.

Pineapple Nutrition Facts 

After we mentioned the most important benefits of pineapple, it is necessary to know the nutritional value of pineapple, as it is a very rich source of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.
It may be an ideal alternative to candy, chocolate and candy bars, as it is sweet in taste thanks to the natural sugars it contains, which will help you curb the feeling of craving for sugar and sweet foods.
How much that each cup of pineapple cubes provides you with approximately 80 calories, and a large number of nutrients that will send your body energy and activity, and it is free of cholesterol and fats, and contains approximately:
  1. 76% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C.
  2. 9% of our daily thiamine needs.
  3. 9% of the daily requirement of vitamin B6.
  4. 6% of our daily need for magnesium.
  5. In addition to its iron, niacin, folic acid, and riboflavin content.
There are also many recipes and ways in which pineapple ate either in its fresh form, or in fruit salads, or by adding it to some foods such as yoghurt or cooked dishes, or using it in the manufacture of sauces or delicious desserts, or drinking its refreshing juice.