Best Recipe For Baked Chicken Wings

Baked chicken wings
Chicken wings no matter how you cook them up are always a hit at a party.The three ways to make best chicken wings are deep fried chicken wings, baked chicken wings, or grilled chicken wings.
It’s best and cheapest to by whole chicken wings.
Cost is depended of the area you live and the store you go to but on average they should be around $2 bucks a pound.

How To Cook Chicken Wings

You can also buy the frozen chicken wings for about $10 which nets you about 40 wings.
Please de-thaw them before you drop them into a deep fryer and burn you house down.
For best tasting wings you season them after you cook them.
I just put the sauce in a big stainless steal bowl and put the hot cooked chicken wings in and toss them around till they are coated well.So here is how to cook chicken wings using the three methods

Baked chicken wings

  1. Heat your oven to 400 degrees before you put wings in the oven.
  2. Make clean up easy and cover your baking sheet with foil and place a rack on the baking sheet.
  3. Use a cooking spray to coat the rack so that you don’t have to serve chicken pieces.
  4. Put the wings on the rack and bake until wings are done should take about 50 to 60 minutes total time.
  5. You can put them under a broiler for a few minutes to crisp the skin further.
  6. Be very careful here because they will dry up and burn real fast.
  7. This is by far the easiest and healthiest way to make them.

Fried chicken wings

Warning do not end up on YouTube burning your house down be careful.

On second thought just bake them I don’t want to be responsible for you ending up on YouTube.

Best Recipe For Baked Chicken Wings

Best Recipe For Baked Chicken Wings
GRILLING is good

  • I like to brine my turkeys and chickens over night if I’m grilling them.
  • So mix up 1cup of kosher salt and 1 cup of sugar and toss them in and refrigerate overnight.
  • When you take them out make sure that you rinse under cold water and pat dry.
  • Oil the grill. Oil the grill. Oil the grill.
  • And did I mention that you should Oil the grill.
  • If you don’t want to be picking pieces off the grill, Oil the grill.
  • I can’t tell you how many times people ask me how do I keep my meat from sticking to the grill and you know what I say? ”Oil the grill”.
  • Ok now that we have oiled the grill put the chicken wings skin side down on the “OILED” grill.
  • When the wings have those nice grill marks on them and are easy to pull away from the grates, about 5 minutes.
  • Turn them over and continue grilling another 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Coat the chicken wings in your favorite sauce as I described above.
  • I use a large stainless steel bowl with just enough sauce to coat them evenly.
  • Chicken wings do not know how to swim. 

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